New Cancer Blood Test Technology Advances Accuracy and Tumor Diagnosis

OTraces is developing and preparing to commercialize in the U.S. and possibly certain markets in Asia patent-pending methodology that uses noise suppression to: 1) enhance cancer blood test accuracy to unprecedented levels and 2) to gain access to the diagnostic content of the tumor microenvironment (TME) —- two industry breakthroughs that can perhaps best be described and summarized by the following video that was recently presented by senior management at an oncology conference in New York.

Click here to See, Visually, How Proteomic Noise Suppression and Spatial Proximity Correlation Produces Very High Predictive Power

-Presentation at the RESI / J.P. Morgan Healthcare 2018
-RESI 2018 Session Poster Presentation.
-Beyond Liquid Biopsy-OTraces White Paper


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