OTraces Inc. is a provider of advanced oncology diagnostic systems. Manufactured in Nevada and Maryland USA, the company’s CDx Chemistry System™ elevates clinical blood analysis to new levels of precision and sophistication.

Designed for cost-effective operation in the clinical laboratory, the company’s instrument group advances the science of cancer detection through the analysis of blood serum. The extreme sensitivity of protein detection possible with the CDx Chemistry System is combined with a proprietary bioinformatics engine for multi-marker profiling for the presence of cancer.

The company’s first test kit – the BC Sera Dx™ panel for breast cancer detection and screening has completed Phase II of its validation in Russia with very successful results and after a small final validation protocol will be released in the fall of 2013. The prostate cancer test PC Sera Dx will under go validation also this fall. Test kits for additional cancers including ovarian, prostate, colon and lung are under development.