Protein and Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions for Diagnostics

OTraces has developed, filed U.S. and international patents on, and is preparing to start launching a math-, physics- and artificial intelligence-based cancer blood test technology that can:

    • Boost the accuracy of cancer and other disease blood tests to typically 90%+ on a challenging predictive power basis — well in excess of current industry levels.
    • Detect and measure cytokine activity in the tumor micro-environment (TME) and thereby achieve real time diagnosis of tumor status and immune response in vitro without biopsy — a human diagnostic first.


OTraces applies AI based computational techniques from physics to human biological testing which has never been done before. This technology has been clinically validated in blinded trials for both breast and prostate cancer at leading institutions.

These methods result in simple and low-cost blood test technology that OTraces has embedded in cloud-based software, that is ready to be deployed mainly through collaborations and joint ventures with other companies and research groups worldwide. This software is compatible with instruments and lab procedures already in common use across the globe, and is scalable for high volume LDT and screening applications to facilitate and speed commercialization, especially for LDT tests not requiring FDA or comparable local regulatory approval to launch.

The following video demonstrates this technology and outlines its potential.


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