Blood Test that Tracks Tumor Status and Progression — An Advance in Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance

Blood Test that Tracks Tumor Status and Progression
— An Advance in Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance
Tumor Microenvironment as a Diagnostic Motion Picture

Sykesville, Maryland (September 19, 2017) – OTraces Inc., a privately-held biotech company has announced plans to launch a laboratory developed test (LDT) and CLIA lab to monitor men with low risk prostate cancer. U.S. medical practice for treating low risk prostate cancer patients has evolved from therapy or surgery to Active Surveillance (AS). Currently, AS monitoring programs rely on regular PSA testing, repeated rectal exams and biopsies to monitor the cancer, all of which have limitations in their ability to reliably detect the progression from low risk to high-risk cancer. Experts in prostate cancer research agree that the biggest challenge in AS is detection of the progression of tumors from low risk to high risk reliably and before it is too late.

The Otraces’ blood test, TME Liquid Biopsy™, measures relevant protein markers that represent the body’s response to the presence and changes in the stage of disease, in this case low risk to high-risk prostate cancer. OTraces’ management believes its TME Liquid Biopsy™ assay is the only blood test to detect tumor progression with high demonstrated accuracy. The patented TME Liquid Biopsy™ test derives diagnostic content from the tumor microenvironment (TME). The performance of the TME Liquid Biopsy™ test has been demonstrated consistently in internal and third party validation trials including recent tests conducted at Johns Hopkins University under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Pienta.
OTraces is exploring establishing a CLIA lab or partnering with an existing CLIA lab operator. The launch of the TME Liquid Biopsy™ test is subject to completion of the validation trials at Johns Hopkins and current funding now underway.

About OTraces, Inc.
OTraces, Inc. ( is a privately-held biotech company that has developed an advanced oncology diagnostic platform using a protein-based technology (proteomics) for detecting cancers with simple blood tests using patented noise suppression to enhance accuracy well above the known industry averages. OTraces plans to raise $2.0 million to complete the prostate cancer validation trials at Johns Hopkins and to launch a U.S. based CLIA-lab to begin sales of a LDT test for active surveillance of prostate cancer patients soon thereafter. OTraces’ software is extensively patented, biomarker-agnostic and cloud-based. Management believes the company’s tests offer a range of clinical and cost advantages with respect to meeting global screening and disease monitoring criteria.

For detailed comment on the technology, we refer interested parties to the White Paper “Diagnostic Proteomics – A New Approach” that is posted on the company’s website and the article in the July 27, 2017 edition of GenomeWeb.


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