OTraces to Present TME Cancer Blood Test at RESI San Francisco Healthcare Conference

OTraces to Present TME Prostate Cancer Blood Test at RESI San Francisco Healthcare Conference
Liquid Biopsy Blood Test to Detect Tumor Progression in Real Time

Sykesville, MD (January 7, 2018) – OTraces Inc., a privately held cancer diagnostics company based in Maryland, will participate at the RESI Life Science Conference in San Francisco on Jan. 9. This event is one of the largest investment forums for early-stage life science companies. The conference will be the company’s first opportunity to present to Silicon Valley biotech investors its patented (pending) blood test modality for accessing the diagnostic content of the tumor microenvironment (TME), as a step forward for liquid biopsy relative to DNA-based and Big Data methods.
DNA liquid biopsy is the biggest trend in cancer blood testing in a long time — more than 30 companies have been funded and $2 billion has been raised in the last two years since Grail, Inc. was launched two years ago at the JPM conference in San Francisco. The technology has attracted broad interest in drug development and companion diagnostics, but progress towards developing an accurate cancer blood test has proven to be expensive and conspicuously slow.
OTraces is the first and only blood test to gain access to the tumor microenvironment (TME) — the main cellular battlefield for the cancer disease process that surrounds the tumor and is rich in diagnostic content which makes it an ideal venue for blood test tracking of tumor progression and status in real time. This is in contrast to DNA liquid biopsy and Big Data which fulfill an entirely different diagnostic role. Research experts such as Dr. Kenneth Pienta of Johns Hopkins, view accessing and analyzing TME biomarker activity as a major advance in cancer blood testing. OTraces’ unique method uses simple serum measurements as a proxy for the protein actions in the TME in an aggressive tumor, determining the blood signature of the aggressive TME. This is then compared to the serum signature of non aggressive (or inactive) tumors (e.g active surveillance of low grade prostate cancer), or in patients with no TME at all i.e. no tumor (screening). This is enabled by the patented (pending) proteomic “noise” suppression technology.
OTraces’ TME Liquid BiopsyTM blood test for prostate cancer will soon enter the final stages of Johns Hopkins validation, after which the company plans to launch a CLIA lab test for PCa active surveillance monitoring on low Gleason men in the U.S. (which is not expected to require FDA approval) by 4Q 2018.

  • The poster presented at the 2018 RESI investor conference in San Francisco
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  • The article in the July 27, 2017, edition of GenomeWeb

About OTraces, Inc.– OTraces, Inc. ( is a privately held biotech company that has developed an advanced oncology diagnostic platform using a protein-based technology (proteomics). The technology detects cancers by using simple blood tests with patented (pending) noise suppression to enhance accuracy well above the known industry averages.

OTraces plans to raise $2 million to complete the prostate cancer validation trials at Johns Hopkins, launch a U.S. based CLIA-lab, and shortly therafter begin sales of a LDT test for active surveillance of prostate cancer patients. OTraces’ software is extensively patented, biomarker-agnostic and cloud-based. Management believes the company’s tests offer a range of clinical and cost advantages with respect to meeting global screening and disease-monitoring criteria.

OTraces’ Technology has been named a finalist for innovate technology for the RESI investor conference is San Francisco in January 2018. View the Poster for the conference by clicking here:


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