Gertsen Press Release

OTraces, Inc. a Maryland based biotech company, developing blood tests for cancer diagnosis, announces completion of validation tests for screening women for breast cancer at the Gertsen Institute in Moscow.  These validation tests represent key steps toward achieving approval from the Russian Ministry of Health for marketing the test in Russia through its Russian distribution partner Gamma Technology.  OTraces achieved superior performance with no false negative cancer samples diagnosed and only 2.5% false positive diagnoses.  The chief oncologist, Dr Sergeeva at the institute, said the results were “simply excellent” and “suitable for screening women for breast cancer”.

These results represent the first simple blood test for breast cancer with predictive power sufficient for use as a screening diagnostic aid for physicians.  The company also announces that it seeks investment capital of $5 million to fund the market launch of the breast cancer test and the validation and launch of its prostate cancer test in Russia.  The prostate cancer test has similar superior performance and will represent a significant improvement over the current PSA test which has a very poor record of predictive power.

About OTraces, Inc.

OTraces has developed a protein based method (proteomics) for detecting cancers with simple blood tests.  The company is at market launch stage for its automated test platform the OTraces CDx Instrument and its breast cancer blood test, BC Sera DX.  OTraces also has pre-market development near complete for its prostate cancer test PR Sera Dx.  OTraces has completed significant development for tests for detection of the presence of ovarian and lung cancer.  All of these test are protein based test panels and show detection predictive power greater than 95%.  This predictive power exceeds all currently available diagnostics methods used for these deadly cancers.  The company envisions these test being used in screening people for cancer and for use in conjunction with current diagnostic methods to greatly improve early cancer detection and save lives.